• jekyll-thumb

    A simple jekyll plugin to generate image thumbnails using libvips. You feed it the image path and a width or height value, and it scales the image down, and outputs an <img /> tag wrapped in an <a> pointing to the original image file.

    Simple stuff, but all the existing plugins were tied to imagemagick, which I hope to leave behind.

    Source code/README here, RubyGem here.

  • FML



    Fix My Life


    Yet Another Todo App (but with points)

    FML is an app in which you give yourself tasks to do, and assign various point values to them. You log the completions of the tasks, and clock up a running total of points. In other words, it’s a standard task tracking app with elements of gamification. It also has an ugly purple color scheme. You can sign up and use it here. The source code is available here.

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  • Introducing TinyCI

     _____ _               _____  _____
    /__   (_)_ __  _   _  / ___/ /_  _/
       | || | '_ \| | | |/ /     / /
       | || | | | | |_| / /___/\/ /_  
       |_||_|_| |_|\__, \____/\____/

    TinyCI is basically a git hook that builds your project and runs your tests when you push a new commit. It’s pitched as a CI system, so a competitor to enormous systems like Circle and Travis. Really though, its much more along the lines of directory watcher scripts like Guard which people use to automatically run their tests whenever they save their files locally.

    For a full exploration of the architecture and limitations, please see the project’s README.

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