• Deployment with TinyCI: a case study

    In this post I’m going to break down a strategy for continuous deployment using TinyCI. If you’re not familiar, check out the Introducing TinyCI post.

    With the release of TinyCI 0.4 all the pieces are now in place for a system to automatically deploy new versions of an app after the test suite passes.

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  • On Ceding Space to Non-Human Systems

    Another project I helped out a friend with, this time involving an arduino and some markov chains.

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  • Misty Tropics

    An interactive sound, light and smoke installation.

    Back in april some friends of mine asked me to help with an installation for a couple of Red Bull events called “Misty Tropics.”

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  • TinyCI 0.4 released

    TinyCI 0.4 is out and as you might expect from the version number there are some new features.

    • New configuration format
    • Command interpolation
    • after_all hook

    More info in the rest of the post…

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  • TinyCI updates - versions 0.2.0 and 0.3.0

    There have been two new versions of TinyCI released since launch. 0.2.0 added hooks/callbacks, and 0.3.0 added a handy compact script to compress old build directories.

    In this post I’ll provide some details on the new functionality.

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